Angels of Virtue Dance

A holistic ministry of liturgical dancers that lead virtuous lives while preserving the art of dance and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ministry Leaders:

Terrica Taylor-Jenkins / (601) 613-8678



To assist the financial needs of God’s people within the church and the community in which no individual or family is without an opportunity to obtain emergency assistance suitable to their needs.

Ministry Leader:

Leroy Stokes / 402-430-7003



To bring men together to develop their faith, fellowship with one another, support church activities and do community outreach.

Ministry Leader:  

James Proctor / (601) 540-3228

Christian Education

To assist ministries in working together, coordinating and collaborating while meeting the church and pastor’s vision and mission.  In addition, facilitating and providing training opportunities that will assist each ministry in accomplishing their mission and goals.

Ministry Leaders:

Leroy and Ann Stokes / 402-430-4972

Couples (B.O.M.B.)

Our mission is to provide support for couples to assist them in embracing marriage.  This ministry also provides an opportunity for couples to fellowship with other couples through social events.

Ministry Leaders:

Pastor Stanley & Cynthia James / 662-417-561


Our mission is to support the fellowship of the church by providing food as requested by ministries for programs, events, and activities.

Ministry Leader:

Brenda Hopkins / 601-259-7073


Our mission is to exalt Christ, to share the Gospel with (the lost), educate the community, edify one another and equip the body as we carry out our commission found in Matthew 28:19-20.

Ministry Leader:

Regina Cooper / 210-639-4489

Evangelistic Motions of Praise Mime (T.E.M.P. Mime)

Our mission is to give the highest praise as we deliver the word of God through theatrical technique using only gesture, expression, and movement.

Ministry Leader:

Steven Green / 601-260-0961

Hospitality / Greeter

Our mission is to serve as ambassadors for True Vine.  We have the unique opportunity to greet and meet every guest and member who enter the doors. Our expressive welcome becomes the signal to reassure our guest that they are in the right place with the right people to receive the word of God and receive fellowship with other believers.

Ministry Leader:

Laveren Green / 601-941-2679


To provide a quality sound, video, and content that spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ in communications, publications, social media, and website for True Vine, the community, and the world.


Ministry Leaders:

Media Ministry – Audio & Visual             Willie Bookert         (601) 953-3316
Media Ministry – Communications and Webmaster       
Carla Lewis                (601) 906-7985


To promote healthcare awareness and prevention of illness while providing health information to members and guest upon request.  Our mission also is to empower individuals and families to live healthy well-balanced lives by providing information concerning medical conditions affecting the community for the purpose of improving quality of life and decreasing health disparities.

Ministry Leader:
Glen Shaw / (601) 955-5810


To spread the gospel by providing holistic (physical, emotional, spiritual) services that meet the need of God’s people.


Ministry Leader:

Barbara McKee / (601) 829-1250

Music and Arts

Our mission is to lead the congregation in worship; sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through song while providing opportunity for individuals to share their gift and be an integral part of the worship. The highest praise through song and music encourage believer’s worship in their walk with Christ.


Ministry Leader:

Cedric Robinson / (601) 398-7018


Minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of the female inmates through the word of God and his transforming love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Ministry Leaders:
Annette Whitfield (601) 594-9898

Retirees On Call (R.O.C.) Seniors

Our mission is to create and provide an environment of Christian fellowship, using our gifts and talents, that will spiritually, emotionally and socially enrich and address the concerns of senior citizens in our community.

Ministry Leader:

Mary Hobson / 601-829-1401


Our mission is to provide security for True Vine Church family and campus; to include all services, events and activities taking place on the campus grounds.

Ministry Leader:

Barry Cooper / (601) 829-6520 or (601) 829-1401


We exist to support our Pastor and First Family spiritually, emotionally, and financially through a variety of fund-raisers activities and other services.

Ministry Leaders:

Tara Robinson (601) 214-7109
Carla Lewis (601) 906-7985

Sunday School

The mission of the Sunday School is to provide a systematic teaching of the word of God through an inter-action process to the saved and unsaved while teaching the principles which Christ adhered.  Sunday School lessons may stir the heart, the soul, the aspirations of an individual for a life time.

Ministry Leader: Isaiah Washington, Jr. / 601-720-4816



Our mission is to organize and provide safe transportation for the ministries and congregation of True Vine when travel is scheduled to programs and events within and outside the city.

Ministry Leaders:

Gloria Adams and Cleo Taylor / 601-331-4895, 601-201-6475

Tutoring (STRIVE with the MIND OF THE VINE)

To empower students by providing a positive environment where they can master the skills needed to become successful lifelong learners.

Ministry Leaders:

Jessica Winston and Candice James / 601-566-5203 / 601-850-7679


Our mission is to support the church by providing a warm and welcoming environment for our members and guest at every service and program event.

Ministry Leader:

Charles Taylor / 601-665-7164


Our youth and children’s ministry exist to bring children and youth into age appropriate worship and fellowship where they can belong to the family of God, grow in their relationship with Christ, learn to serve, and then go share the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world.

Ministry Leaders: 
Dequarius and Stacia Dunson 
(601) 715-0395 / (601) 316-1445

Food Pantry

Our mission is to meet the mandate of God by meeting the needs of God’s people within the church and community.  To partner with other agencies and local businesses to provide food to those needing assistance.

Ministry Leader:

Lewis Rainey / 601-260-3009


To assist those who join True Vine know and understand without a doubt through the word of God that they are saved by the blood of Jesus.  This ministry supports and encourages members through the new member orientation process and through the first year of church membership.

Ministry Leaders:

Regina Cooper / 210-639-4489 (Intake)

Vivian Taylor / 601-946-5451, Jackie Crouther / 769-428-5211 (Membership)

Counseling – Soul Stir

Our identified mission of is to meet the needs of the people by providing Christian counseling upon request.  This Ministry will focus on the Soul of man being understood to have three parts:  The Mind (thoughts), Emotion (feelings), and the Will (behavior/actions). The soul of man houses the seat of our personality, feelings, desires, affections and aversions.  Soul Stir will seek a holistic approach to ministry.

Ministry Leaders: 
Minister Jonathan O. Winston 601-624-3246
Jessica V. Winston 601-566-5203