Minister Jonathan Winston

Counseling Ministry

Steve Maraboli conveys the sentiments that ”You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest sense of self, to live out your God-given purpose, and to do it unapologetically and courageously.” This quote reveals the essence of the man and his ministry.

Jonathan Winston has served in several capacities here at True Vine. For many years, he served as one of the Youth and Young Adult Choir Directors. In 2010, Mr. Winston was appointed the Minister of Music of the Music Ministry and served for several years. God then allowed Minister Winston to branch out and provide his musical expertise to other churches within the Community. Specifically, the Canton United Methodist Church under the leadership of Pastor Kevin Carter and New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ under the leadership of his father Dr. Johnny L. Anderson.

God has since enlarged his territory even the more. Minister Winston along with his lovely wife, Lady Jessica Winston, are the leaders of True Vine’s Counseling Ministry, Soul Stir. To further substantiate his role in the kingdom, God graced Minister Winston with the highest level of credentialing in the field of Social Work. Further, Minister Winston has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for well over a decade. He holds a wealth of experience in providing social services in various healthcare settings and is affluent in educating individuals, families, and communities on disease prevention. Further, he continues to utilize organized efforts to advocate on behalf of both chronically and mentally ill patients. In addition, Minister Winston has served as an Adjunct Instructor at Jackson State University for many years (2013-2021). In 2018, Minister Winston gave birth to his own psychotherapy private practice, Connecting the Dots Therapy located in Pearl, Mississippi. This Mental Health Agency provides psychotherapy to a wide range of individuals from various walks of life. With the use of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Minister Winston provides psychotherapy addressing such conditions as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, suicidal ideation, acute stress disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and various other mood disorders. Under the umbrella of Connecting the Dots Therapy, Minister Winston created the I-PASS Boot Camp. This professional development option aids other Social Work Professionals in studying and properly preparing for their respective level of licensure (LSW, LMSW, LCSW). God has blessed and out of this vision, many professionals have been able to successfully pass their licensure exam.

To further enhance his capacity to serve those in need, Minister Winston has pursued a doctoral degree in social work (DSW) at Walden University, completed all required course work, and is now pending completion of dissertation. God has since shifted his focus to pursuing a doctoral degree in Christian Counseling. His life quote is, “But that-that it is, I give it back to thee.”